Sewing for Kids Clothes Week

Today I did some sewing for Kids Clothes Week. This is a “seasonal” sew along where you commit to sewing children’s clothing for at least one hour a day. On Monday and Tuesday I did not work on sewing any kids clothes – but its been a busy week. But I did sew for a few hours today and I finished up some pajamas that I had been working on for my son.

I made them from the first pattern that I drafted off of a RTW (Ready to Wear) garment, a pair of pajamas that my son loves. Its funny because the parts that I thought would be hard were easy – but there were some aspects of drafting off of RTW clothing that I didn’t expect. And I really should have known better. It was the measuring of an already sewn garment that was the most challenging part for me.

The fabric I used is a 100% cotton print from

RTW pajamas that I drafted my pattern from

Pajamas I made from my drafted pattern

So these were really fun to make! The short pants were the biggest challenge, the top was pretty straight forward. Each pant leg is only one piece of fabric wrapped around the leg and joined on front and back center and the inside leg, and then there is a gusset at the crotch. The gusset was actually not the hard part, the hard part was figuring out how to draw the leg pattern piece as the shorts front has a low rise. This is what I came up with (on my second try)

Short pajama pant pattern – cut two and gusset

Construction of the pants was easy. I started with the front and back center seam, leaving the inside leg unsewn while I constructed the gusset. I started by marking my seam allowance on the gusset with a disappearing marker, and pinned it to the front right leg, right below the center front seam.

Center front and back seams sewn and gusset pinned to the front of the right leg

Seam allowance marked on gusset

I worked around the gusset, sewing only from each intersection of the seam allowances to the next intersection, rather than sewing into the seam allowances. This left me with a nice, cleanly inserted gusset without puckers. I also made sure that the intersections of the seam allowances were centered over seams.

Seams sewn around the gusset, ending at seam intersection points

It did take a little fiddling around, but the end results were worth it!

Gusset Sewn!

After the gusset was inserted, I then completed the seams on the inner legs. From there I inserted the elastic around the waistband. I just stretched it ever so slightly…

Elastic Inserted into waistband

I cut a piece of white cotton rib knit to cover the waistband and I used the cover stitch on my serger to encase the elastic and create a waistband. My serger with the cover stitch is new to me, so I need practice making the stitch even and neat!!

From there I used the cover stitch again to hem the legs of the shorts. I use a “wooly nylon” thread in the looper on serger so that the cover stitch has give and stretches with the fabric, and the stitches don’t break. I use Polyarn from Superior Threads .

The large cone of serger thread is polyarn from Superior Threads – It stretches and is wonderful for use in the loopers of a serger – its great for rolled hems, too.


Cover stitch for hem on legs


Completed Pajama shorts




So that I what I have managed to make for Kids Clothes Week. I would like to make another pair of the pajamas, just to work out some of the kinks in the construction, and to practice the cover stitch on my serger a little more.

And if you have read this far – Thanks!

They announced the Round Two challenge for the Super Online Sewing Match over at Sew Mama Sew – Its an adorable girls dress from Oliver + S patterns!! I have two adorable nieces to who I will sew for, and I think I may have found the perfect fabric for it from my stash! Yes! More stash busting! Its a coordinating pair of vintage cotton blend fabrics that were purchased by an acquaintance of mine in the 80’s in Hong Kong – take a look!


Oliver + S Roller Skate Dress Pattern – and possible fabric choices


Thanks for taking the time to read! I will post about the top to the pajamas in the next few days and update on the A-line skirt that I am re-doing the muslin on.

Happy Sewing!