Sew an A-Line Skirt

So I decided to sew along with the Super Online Sewing Match! One of my goals this year was to join in on a sew along or a sewing contest, and this one seemed like a great place to start. The first challenge is to sew an A-Line skirt (hey – does that sound familiar to anyone?) using the online Craftsy class Design and Sew and A-Line Skirt by Deborah Moebes. I have stalking Craftsy’s free classes for awhile – they are great!! But had yet to pull the trigger on purchasing one. But Craftsy has offered a 50% discount through SewMamaSew! Yep – couldn’t pass that up. And I am glad I didn’t – the class was great!! So that’s the nitty-gritty!

Thankfully people sewing along with the Super Online Sewing Match have more than a week to complete their garments! This is the plan….

Vintage Linen Boarder Print and Red Linen

Take this awesome vintage boarder print handkerchief linen found at an estate sale and add this red linen as a yoke to the top of the skirt. This vintage handkerchief linen was found at the estate sale of a local seamstress. Most of the linen had already been cut and basted together in a sort of “Mumu” dress. I have taken apart the dress and will use the fabric from it. Because its really quite pretty! I wish I knew the history of the fabric. The red linen was purchased locally – but it was already in my stash and I will probably use some cotton batiste to line the skirt. If I cant find any locally (which I probably can’t) I will use some Muslin.

Half-sewn Mumu rescued from an estate sale

You gotta have vision!!!

I spent last week working through the Craftsy course – and I drafted my skirt pattern and sewed up a muslin. Now we come to the problem! I decided to draft a pattern to fit my dress form. My poor, wonky, Craig’s List dress form. I swear I measured it – and still, as you can see there is practically no room for darts. So I must have measured it too tight. Or my son came along and made some adjustments to it. Which is entirely possible. I fiddled – and the muslin is too tight.

Wonky Muslin on a Wonky Dress Form

So next order of business – a new muslin!

This week is also Kids Clothes Week – which I am also attempting to participate in. I love sewing for my son – and have been making a lot of things for him lately!

What are you favorite types of things to sew?

Happy Sewing! Cindi