The Ole Cardigan

I sewed in Dutch. Yes. I did. There were a few rough spots, but when I saw this pattern by Zonen 09 I had to try.  Its the Ole Cardigan:


So if you are into sewing for boys (which I am) Zonen 09 is a wonderful resource for patterns. They do have a few patterns that have been translated to English (one of them, the Charlie is on my short list). The lovely folks of Zonen 09 left a message on my Instagram account that they are working on translations for their other patterns, which is great news!

I got along pretty well using my knowledge of sewing and google translate, I only had one hiccup where google translate totally led me astray, but when I say what I had done, I knew it was wrong and was able to go back and fix it. They also have a lot of great photos to follow as you sew.

Here are some things to keep in mind, though while using European patterns:

1. They will probably come sized for A4 paper. DO NOT resize! You will change the size of the pattern, and be very sad when you garment does not fit its intended wearer. Instead, print it without resizing, but put legal size paper in the printer. You waste a bit of paper, but everything prints to size.

2. You need to add seam allowances. Yes! Please don’t forget this as again your garment won’t fit! Trace it onto the paper using a different colored pen. Or just add it when you trace off the patter. I usually trace off a pattern, so I don’t have to print it out again in the five seconds it takes my son to grow another size.

3. The sizes are much different. I am not even going to pretend I have any idea what the sizing scheme is. No clue. BUT – I was able to measure my son, using the metric system (centimeters) and find the size that most closely matched (122).

For fabric I used some of this argyle fabric from Mood Fabrics that I bought on my last trip to NYC. The colors are much more brilliant than the website picture. I also used some knit from Joann’s for the contrast.


Here is a view from the back (check the cowlick!):


Are we done yet? (And check out that cowlick! Poor boy, we are trying to grow it out to see if it will lie down at any point)


And – we are done! The pants are our usual go-to pants, Fishsticks Designs, Inside or Out Pocket pants. These are made from a Brown Pin whale Corduroy, from my stash, of unknown origin.


Here are some close ups of the pants detail. I used the outside pocket options and double top-stitched. Notice the nice smooth front, I really like the waistband application on these pants:


And the back pockets and where most of the elastic ends up for the waistband.


So the Ole cardigan was fun to make. A challenge to sew in a different language – and I am sure I will make another one.

Up next on my cutting table is a cotton camp shirt.

Happy Sewing!







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