Lazy Day Wear…actually, any day wear!

I make a lot of basic clothes for my son. Basic, meaning they  are neutral colors and styles that can mix and match with a lot of things. I also like to make his pants. Just for the fact that he is so tall for his age, and seems to grow up more than he grows out. Don’t I wish I had that problem! If I buy pants for his height, they are too big at the waist. You get the picure…

So I like to make his pants for him. I can fit them at the waist and them make then long enough so he doesn’t look like he is wading through the water at the beach. I also leave enough fabric at the bottom to turn up the hem twice, so that I have more than enough to let down as the months roll by.

This outfit started out as just the pants. I picked up the grey almost sweatshirt cotton interlock knit at Hancock Fabrics. They were always destined to be a pair of Fishsticks Designs Inside or Out Pocket Pants. I love this pattern. It is sized well, sews together quickly and works with wovens or knits. It also has an elastic waistband, which is preferred in our house.

Here it is:

Because I have made these pants a bunch of times before, they went together easily. I choose the inside pockets for the front of the pants, and the patch pockets on the back. And of course, I added about 2 inches to the length, and then hemmed up two more inches of fabric into the hem. To be reserved for future use.

After I had finished the pants, I had a good chunk of fabric left over, but not really enough to do anything with. I spied a piece of black and white hounds tooth knit (bought of the super sale table at Hancock) that I had made a cardigan for myself from. And the color blocking idea was born. I tried not to go over board with too many trends, color-blocking and hounds tooth, but there they all were, ready to go.


For the shirt, I used a pattern that I had in my stash for a few months. Its from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop, the Classic Sweatshirt:

Image of Classic Sweatshirt

Again, I love these wardrobe staples. And patterns that can be customized. That’s a win-win!

I have a love-hate relationship with pdf patterns. I love that you have them on demand. I HATE printing all the pages and then taping them together. I also feel like it is a total waste to print them and then cut the paper on the size. I also think that paper is difficult to pin through and transfer markings through. So I only actually used the paper as a pattern one time. I trace the patterns off onto pattern paper. Actually, I am now a total devotee of Swedish Tracing Paper. Can’t. Get. Enough.

My son measured a size 7. After I traced off the pattern, I cut it into three parts. The front, back and sleeves. *Note – I actually made the first cut right at the underarm. That was a mistake, I should have made the first cut about one inch below the underarm. It was exceedingly difficult to sew through all the layers of fabric and their seams at the underarm* I then added a 1/2 inch seam allowance to either side of my cuts. And voila! Color blocking!

As per the usual – I sewed this up mostly on my serger with it threaded up for a five-thread stitch, so that I could sew and serge at the same time. This worked great (except at the underarm – see note above!). And then I used a coverstitch to hem the bottom. This was done only because I ran out of black ribbing and only had enough for the collar and cuffs. I think that it still looks OK, and perhaps even a little less casual than it would have with a ribbed band. (Or at least I can tell myself that as I was too lazy to go out and get more black ribbed knit at that point!)

I think that the Classic Sweatshirt pattern is a win! I probably won’t make another until I am prepping for next winter, though.

Here are the results of my color blocking experiment:


Nice and comfy


Patch pockets on the back of the pants, and inside pockets on the front. Color blocking all the way around!


Cover Stitched Hem, and top stitching around the ribbing on the neck and sleeves. See how the houndstooth panels from the body and the sleeves meet right at the underarm 0 I will be changing that the next time I color block to be at least an inch below the underarm. Tough to sew it all together nicely with the bulk of the fabric and seams.


And stoic (read: bored) with being a model.

I will be done with grey and black next week (well not forever!) as I have been working away at my Zonen09 pattern (written in Dutch) and its bright, bright, bright!

In closing, I will ask- What is your favorite Indie pattern company?? I’d love to hear!

Happy Sewing!


2 thoughts on “Lazy Day Wear…actually, any day wear!

  1. what can I say…you are a pro…love all your creations, they look comfy yet stylish…. and he is one lucky boy…make the most of it because I’m sure there will come a time when he will want only ‘designer’ clothes ;(…….

    • Aww – thanks Ines. 🙂 and you are absolutely right, I am sure the day will come when he would rather die than wear something I made for him. But until then…

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