Argyle Vest for warmer days ahead

My boy is 110% boy. He runs, scratches himself up and destroys clothes. He loves to wear comfortable clothes that move with him. He would live in a sweat pants and sweat shirt. If I let him…

He is at the age that he can simply take off anything that he does not like. If it doesn’t please him – its gone! So its a challenge making more sophisticated items for him. I purchased some super-soft cotton knit jersey for him from Nature’s Fabrics. It’s has a wonderful,  charcoal classic argyle print. Great for keeping it comfy, yet adding a little style. They actually have this in three color-ways, but as usual – there is not much of this awesome fabric left – so hurry!!

Charcoal Argyle on Cotton Jersey

I really, really wanted to make this into either a vest or a cardigan. And in a great stroke of luck, Elegance and Elephants, released this new pattern just days after my fabric arrived! Its the Stellar’s Vest and Dress Pattern:

It’s absolutely perfect for this fabric and what I had in mind for my son!!

So here is how it went! My son measured between a size 6 and 7 in this pattern so I sized up to a seven. I had to make no adjustments at all to the size, its roomy enough to wear a shirt underneath.

I want to address the V-neck. I know that V-necks can look a little intimidating. But this pattern has been written up very well, and a nice, easy technique for making V-necks  is used. When you take your time, it will come together easily, and the points will be nice and sharp and even!

I mainly used my Serger to construct this vest. The pattern has 3/8″ (1 cm) seam allowances. Which are narrower that we are used to here in the US. So I did not use my preferred 5 thread overlock with chain stitch, I used a four thread overlock that used three threads to create the overlock, and then uses the fourth thread to create a safety stitch inside the overlock for stability. I find that this overlock stitch does not pull apart, or ladder in the seam.

This vest took about 1 hour  for me to put together. Total instant sewing gratification! I bet the next one that I do will take half that long, as I already have the pattern prepared and have sewn one up.

I loved this fabric and pattern, and it got a thumbs up from my son as well.

Here are the results!


He only agreed to be photographed if he could keep eating his apple



And a shot of the back:


I will certainly be making a few more of these vests, its a great pattern!!

Next up is a cardigan that I am using a Dutch pattern from Zonen09 for. Its the Ole pattern. I love the pattern, but am hoping that I have enough sewing mojo to follow it in Dutch!

Stay Tuned!!

Happy Sewing!!


One thought on “Argyle Vest for warmer days ahead

  1. Thank you for this review, Cindi! I’m so glad you like the pattern and you certainly did a great job making it. Love that fabric choice. Can’t go wrong with argyle!

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