Hello Again! And some transitional clothing.

I wanted to share some of the transitional pieces that I am making for my son. He has enough winter wear, but I thought it might be nice for him to have a few pieces of clothing that could take him from winter, through spring and into summer. I am also going to begin to sew him and my husband some summer items.

I started by visiting Nature’s Fabrics – in my opinion – they really have the nicest selection of cotton prints that are suitable for little boys. I was also fortunate to be in New York City a few weeks ago and was able to go to Mood Fabrics and get some other really great fabrics for sewing for my little guy and husband.

To get the ball rolling, I choose to make a hoodie from this fabric from Nature’s Fabrics, here is the link – hurry! they don’t have much left, and its wonderful to sew with! – Lightning on Black Cotton Jersey:

White Dots on Red Cotton Jersey

I chose to use Blank Slate Patterns, Tee Times Three pattern, using the hoodie option with the kangaroo pocket, that is the view in the lower left corner:

Tee x 3 - T-shirt PDF Sewing Pattern by Blank Slate Patterns

Of course, I prewashed the fabric. Knits will shrink! So just get it over with and wash away before you sew! The fabric sewed up beautifully and really didn’t roll much on the cut edges, which is always a plus!

For the pattern, my son measured a size 7 based on the body measurements, and I am pleased with the fit. I think when I try the t-shirt, I will shorten it a bit, but other than that, the fit is pretty much right on.

I constructed it mainly on my serger, using the 5 thread wide overlock stitch, and hemmed with a coverstitch, using wooly nylon thread in the looper so that it stretches with the fabric and does not pop.

I choose to line the hood and the kangaroo pocket with a plain black cotton jersey.

My son loves it, and has insisted on wearing it for the past two days – so its a win!

Here are the results:

Hoodie Option – Tee Times Three – Blank Slate Patterns


Loving the Kangaroo Pocket!


Shots of the Hood:



Looking forward to some more productive sewing time this coming weekend!

Happy Sewing! Cindi

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